Galloping into SGC Dungarvan this month is the highly acclaimed Géza Kaszás documentary film The Horsearcher, about world-famous Hungarian horse archer Master Lajos Kassai. Focusing on the founder of modern horseback archery, this fascinating documentary offers a glimpse into the ancient practice, detailing how Kassai, a modern warrior and philosopher, has recreated the bow tradition of his ancestors, evoking the beauty and skill of their martial arts, and mounting to found The Kassai Horseback Archery School, a world-class training facility, where everyone from those seeking the ultimate equestrian training challenge to the stars of Hollywood go to develop their horseback skills to extreme excellence.

Premiering in Hungary back on 21st January, The Horsearcher will make its Irish theatre debut here at SGC Dungarvan. In Hungarian with English subtitles, it displays the power of cinema to amplify cultural diversity, thereby creating a more enriching cinematic experience for all. For the first time, horse-lovers can take a peek into the Kassai’s exceptional training facility, sharing in his extremely unique talents, from the safety and comfort of your cinema seat. Each year, between Christmas and New Year, members of Kassai’s school gather in Kassia Valley near Kaposmérő to partake in an intensive training course where both they and their horses learn to stay active in even the harshest of conditions. Moreover, Kassai’s facility also caters to the stars, as shown when Matt Damon took lessons with the master horse-back archer in 2015 in preparation for his role as a mounted archer in The Great Wall. The 115 minute documentary examines Kassai’s activities, such as this exceptional training course, as well as the intellectual background to horse-archery, the cultural role it plays, and how the steppe culture of horsemen is undergoing a revival in Hungary, thanks to the dedication of Master Lajos Kassai to preserving horseback archery as a cultural heritage, martial art and sport.

The Horsearcher hits screens on Sunday 22nd May at 7pm. Tickets are available from the cinema or from the Phoenix Creative Glass (087 667 4089).

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