Lion is a 2016 multi Oscar nominated movie which is based on Saroo Brierley memoir book A Long Way Home and was ghost written by Larry Buttrose and published in 2013. The Main filming for this movie took place in India and Australia with parts of it also shot in Tasmania. These  locations where used brilliantly by director Garth Davis who really uses his past experiences in cinematography along with his directorial skill to produce a visually spectator movie.

Nicole Kidman of course is the big name among the cast here but really the stand out performance has to be credited to Sunny Pawar who plays the younger Saroo Brierley for the first half of the movie before we skip forward 20 years and the role is then taken over by English actor Dev Patel.

The story starts in 1986 where we find a young boy named Sarroo who lives in a small Indian town called Khandwa. He lives there with his Mother and elder brother and sister, they are a very poor family and Sarroo’s mother has to try support her family by literally carrying rocks. Sarroo and his brother were trying to help the family one day by stealing coal from a freight train. It was at this time that Saroo found himself trapped on a train that took him 12 thousand miles away to Calcutta. Here they spoke a totally different language and the young boy could not communicate with the locals. Not knowing where he came from or how to get back, Sarroo finds himself alone at first on the dangerous street of Calcutta before eventually being taken into an orphanage and being adopted by an Australian Couple.  As he grows up Sarroo wants to learn who he really is and where he comes from.  He begin his investigations initially using google earth and the information he had before heading back to India to continues his search.

Lion is a very enjoyable movie to watch, it has an excellent story and was definitely very deserving of the Oscar nomination it received with many people surprised it didn’t do better at the academy awards ceremony itself.

Rating 8/10