After 17 years as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman is back slicing and dicing one last time for this his supposed farewell performance as the Marvel Hero. Logan is of course the third instalment in the Wolverine series and the 10th overall in the X-Men franchise with early audiences predicting it to be one of the best of these movies so far.  The Movie was directed by James Mangold and shooting took place in New Orleans, Louisiana in May 2016. Along with Jackman we also see Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Professor X Charles Xavier and also very impressive performances from Richard E Grant as Zander Rice and especially 11 year old Dafne Keen who plays Laura who is a kind of mini me Wolverine produced from his own DNA.

Logan is set in the near future the year 2029 where we catch up with our hero’s Logan and the professor as they are long passed their primes. Logan is in terrible pains as his own body is being poisoned by adamantium in his body and the professor is suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. As Logan is trying to keep his head down and stay out of trouble in his aging years as he attempts to look after his own health and is also caring for the Professor while also working part time as a chauffeur. While on a job one day he comes across a young girl who he discovery’s  is the first mutant he has seen in over 25 years and his one of a group of children who have all been genetically produced from DNA samples taken from Mutants including from Logan Himself.

This is a very long movie with a very good storyline, there are dips in the action from time to time in the movie but that is to be expected in a movie of this length and certainly doesn’t take from the overall entertainment factor as Logan is a very well put together movie. It’s no secret High Jackman is hanging up his blades after this one but whether this also spells the end for the Logan character is most lightly one of the main reasons X-Men fans will be flocking to this one.

Rating 8/10