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Michael Collins

Michael Collins Revisited with Director Neil Jordan

Coming up to the 20th Anniversary Release of Michael Collins, its director Neil Jordan reflects on the making of the now famous Irish film, starring Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts, Alan Rickman, and Aidan Quinn, and the massive, and sometimes terrifying, reaction it garnered. Michael Collins brings its epic tale of passion and destiny to cinemas once more from the 18th March.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Michael Collins Returns to Cinemas

His courage forged a nation’s destiny! Relive the classic film of Irish Rebellion

One hundred years on from the Easter Rising, the event that led to the birth of the Irish nation, cinema-goers can relive the mammoth tale that traces the events of the years following The Rising, when Ireland fought furiously for independence. Michael Collins, the historical biopic depicting the bloody price reaped for that independence, will return to the big screen from 18th March.

Michael Collins

Marking its 20 year anniversary, Michael Collins brings its epic tale of passion and destiny to audiences once more. Written and directed by the awarding winning Neil Jordan, this rousing historical biopic stars a number of Hollywood greats, including Liam Neeson as The Big Fellow himself, Julia Roberts as Collins’ fiance Kitty Kiernan, Aidan Quinn as Harry Boland, Stephen Rea as Detective Ned Broy, and the late Alan Rickman as Eamon de Valera.

Michael Collins

Portraying the life of the great Irish revolutionary leader from 1916 until his death in 1922, Jordan’s impassioned take on the political martyr follows Collins as he rises to lead a guerrilla war against the United Kingdom, eventually helping to negotiate a treaty to end the War of Independence, which results in the outbreak of the civil war that claimed his life. Receiving widespread acclaim, including an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography, as well as winning multiple awards, such as Best Actor for Neeson at both the Venice Film Festival and the Evening Standard British Film Awards, Michael Collins emotively depicts how one man’s courage forged a nation’s destiny.

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